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Create a subscription list to generate total autopilot sales and profits.

And despite the fact that in the near future we will start charging a price or more …

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Everyone wants more traffic. Especially free traffic.

We have previously found out why you should forget about the traffic at startup. Instead, you should immediately focus on paying customers. If you follow the tips on this page, you will soon find yourself with a solid business and a small number of clients or clients … but what then?

At some point, traffic generation becomes the logical step for the next step. This is what is contained in this post and our next episodes of podcasts.

Here is a complete list of methods and strategies you can use to get you going. More specifically, these bootstrap-friendly “free” traffic generation methods.

How free is free traffic?
When you start your business, your budget is always an important aspect. This is why “free” or “organic” traffic in online marketing is such a keyword. We all want to get tons of traffic without having to pay.

Before we enter our list, think about changes in thinking: this is not about getting “free” traffic, but rather about paying over time, not money.

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